Units 3-4 Babdown Airfield, Tetbury, UK, GL8 8YL

Wooden Barrels

Add a traditional and rustic feel to your garden with these barrel pots. Not only warp resistant but also frost proof, these pots, made from sustainable wood, are an ideal addition to your garden or outside your house. Fill with bedding plants for a picturesque countryside aesthetic.

• Frost proof
• Designed in Britain
• Sustainable materials
• Warp resistant
• Outdoor use - pre-drilled drainage holes
WBARREL is made up of:
Qty Code Description (tot)
    1     YWBARR1 No.1 Barrel Pot
Size (cm): Width:46 Height:32 Weight: 3.5kg
    1     YWBARR2 No.2 Barrel Pot
Size (cm): Width:41 Height:29 Weight: 3kg
    1     YWBARR3 No.3 Barrel Pot
Size (cm): Width:36 Height:26 Weight: 2.5kg
    1     YWBARR4 No.4 Barrel Pot
Size (cm): Width:31 Height:23 Weight: 2kg
    1     YWBARR5 No.5 Barrel Pot
Size (cm): Width:26 Height:20 Weight: 1.5kg
    1     YWBARR6 No.6 Barrel Pot
Size (cm): Width:21 Height:17 Weight: 1kg
    1     YWBARR7 No.7 Barrel Pot
Size (cm): Width:16 Height:14 Weight: 1kg

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